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This is what they show on Google.

I have no idea how they move forward with two dead main characters. Hoffman was never confirmed as dead.


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Logan, thanks to stupid retcons, was part of the Jigsaw Cult before Saw 1.

A large part of the the events of Saw 8 take place before Saw 1.

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What I'm going to find funny: It literally comes out the same weekend as the Five Nights at Freddy's movie. Saw is cheap to make but I don't think it has the cultural footprint that Lionsgate thinks it does while FNaF is going to attract a ton of people that played the game young, that watched Let's Plays and streams. I think Saw gets crushed here.

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The trailer for Saw X is up. @Missy posted about it on Twitter.

Oh dear.

Where do I start?

It's not a sequel. It's another prequel. All indications are that this takes place before Saw 1, and presumably before Jigsaw (Saw 8).

Obvious problem, before we even get into plot holes: Tobin Bell is clearly 19 years older than he was when the first movie came out in 2004. At least in Star Wars: Rouge One, they de-aged Carrie Fisher with CGI back to what she looked like 39 years earlier. The CGI was not very good, but at least they tried. There's no effort to de-age Tobin Bell whatsoever.

Now, on to the premise: Jigsaw goes to Mexico to get treatment for his cancer, and it turns out they charged him for the treatment without actually removing the tumor. So naturally he puts all of them in deathtraps.

So where is Dr. Gordon in all of this? Does he appear at all? This directly contradicts Saw 1, where the cancer was inoperable from the beginning.

This also directly contradicts Jigsaw (Saw 8) where it is revealed that Kramer could have gotten treatment much earlier, but Logan mixed up the x-rays. Logan's mistake caused the cancer to grow undetected, and by the time the error is discovered it is too late for treatment. Kramer retaliated by putting Logan in a deathtrap, and Logan was so grateful for being put into a deathtrap that he became the very first member of the Jigsaw Cult - before even Amanda or Hoffman or Dr. Gordon.

Will Logan appear at all? Will this plot hole be addressed, or will it be ignored?

What about the treatment that Kramer was seeking in flashbacks in Saw 6? The experimental treatment in Europe that could have cured him? This is the treatment the evil insurance company denied, and Jigsaw said he could afford the treatment without their approval, because he was loaded. Is that going to be addressed at all? Are we retconning that movie out of existence?

They are not even trying to keep continuity straight anymore.

Best line of the trailer: "This is not retribution. It's a reawakening."

It's not retribution. Sure. You just want to make them appreciate their lives. Right. Whatever.

If this is a reboot, fine. The plot holes don't really matter in that case. Since they are calling it "Saw X" and keeping Tobin Bell, it does not appear to be a reboot.

Think about this for a minute: I just wrote over 370 words on how the trailer makes no sense and directly contradicts eight previous movies. If the trailer is that bad, imagine how bad the movie is going to be.

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‘Saw X’ Gets Franchise’s Best Reviews, First “Fresh” Rotten Tomatoes Score

Rotten Tomatoes means absolutely nothing to me, but this does make me wonder if this latest movie is actually better than the rest or whether this is just the usual nonsense. Realistically, I think the bar for these movies is just so damn low, and this one is probably benefiting from being a prequel and ignoring a lot of the convoluted plotlines of the sequels. Similarly, I don't think many of these reviewers think highly enough about this franchise to try and identify/track the continuity errors that were blatant from the trailer alone.

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