Episode 96 - Viola Davis


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Viola Davis is our featured actor this episode. The Queen of Righteous Indignation reigns supreme across the covered films in the form of two August Wilson (no relation) play adaptations: Ma Rainey's Black Bottom and Fences, and the big budget anti-racism tale The Help. The Brothers Wilson discuss her undeniably powerful presence in her work, as well as accidentally spoiling lots of plot details that have driven Pandy to despair in the edit. Plus: What did The Brothers make of Chadwick Boseman's swansong performance? Why is Pandy the victor? And, why is Ian part of the problem?
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While I wasn't aware that Charles S. Dutton (Formerly Unky Chuck) performed as Leavee in Ma Rainey's Black Bottom (I knew he originated his career on-stage), I was extremely aware of James Earl Jones performing as Troy Maxson in Fences. Because he's terrifying.


I don't want to color it with terms like "menace", but he's so much more immediately intimidating in the role. His size and booming voice just carry that inimitable black father archetype perfectly.

By contrast, Denzel's stage performance (acting against Gotham's Lucius Fox Chris Chalk) garnered laughs from the audience.

IDK if it was an intentional approach or if the audience just took the scene the wrong way, but the differences in performances are fascinating to me.

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