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Here's his bio.

I wasn't reading comics that heavily during his X-Men heyday, but I began following his work shortly into WildCATS and liked what I saw. Since then I've gone back and picked up most of his X-Men work, and, though it's somewhat dated, it holds up for the most part.

His yearlong Hush run is, in my opinion, Lee's best work ever, and I would love to see him pencil JLA.

As much as I'd love to give him a 9, I can't. The delays that often plague his books, some obvious rush jobs, and his self-inked work bring him down to a very respectable 8.

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Okay Yoda, fair points, but you fail to realise that this guy is a modern icon who produces unlike, MCBaseballLane and the scary Leafy-Field. Yes he does slip but hey he is great. This is the man who is covering Crisis. Look at his first X-men comic andthen check out those covers. This guy has grown and continues to.......

X-Men #248

Infinite Crisis #1 :good:

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Oh yes, Jim has grown much since his Marvel debut and I think he's awesomely talented, but I can't ignore his problem with tardiness and I feel he has to be marked down for it.

Let me put it this way: I would rate Mark Bagley a 7. He too has grown and adapted, and constantly makes Ultimate Spider-Man a visually interesting read. But I would bump him up one notch, to an 8, because of how he's able to produce a monthly book (and sometimes it's released twice a month) without so much as a hiccup in the schedule.

Simply put, if I'm going to rate someone higher because they're consistent, than I have to rate someone lower if they're known to be late.

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Late reply. :)

I voted him a seven. He pretty much personified the line-heavy muscleman style of the mid 90s, but I'm starting to see some of the flaws in his work lately. He seems to not have the ability to draw a woman who isn't straight-up stacked, and his crazy detail-centric style can distract from the action going on in the foreground from time to time.

He's still a superstar artist, and his partnership with Scott Williams is probably one of the best historical penciler / inker collaborations in the modern era, but I'm slowly losing my love for him as I'm becoming more critical of what I read. In the 90s, when he was on X-Men and later WildCATs, and I was a bit younger, I'd have ranked him a nine.

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I do like his artwork, but I actually wasn't as keen on some of his Hush stuff - X-Men 1, however, I love, as well as the stuff with Omega Red. He did some amazing work, and I loved his Gambit and Wolverine above all others.

Took a ludicrous amount of time away though, which knocks him down to an eight for me.

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