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All right, here's a recommendation if no one has seen it just yet: Reefer Madness. Starring Alan Cumming, Christian Campbell, and Kristen Bell of Veronica Mars fame, it's just a hilarious musical parody of the 1936 reel of the same name. I just started watching Veronica Mars so now is when I find out who Kristen Bell is. The little light bulb went on with the thought, "Hey! Isn't that the girl from Reefer Madness?!"

I finally got around to buying this gem, after seeing it countless times on Showtime, and I tore it open only to find nothing inside the box but the disc. Bummer right? Wrong. The manufacturer SCENTED the DVD. What did it smell like, you might be thinking? Three guesses and the first two don't count.

Amazing choreography, singing, you name it. Heck, a movie with lines like Joan of Arc saying, "I'm Joan of Arc! No martyr works it harder!" while in a Las Vegas-style lounge in Heaven headlining Jesus? A must for anyone with the remotest sense of humor. Is that word? Don't care. I'll make up words for this movie. XD

Any fellow Reefer Madness lovers out there?


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