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Dixon has penned epic runs on various Batman titles, including Robin (100 issues, plus minis and annuals), Detective Comics (86 issues, plus annuals), Nightwing (77 issues, plus misc. projects) and Birds of Prey (46 issues, plus misc. projects and minis). He co-created Bane with Graham Nolan, and was one of the writers responsible for KnightSaga (KnightFall, KnightQuest, KnightsEnd).

His other DC work includes lengthy runs on Green Arrow, Batgirl: Year One (with Scott Beatty) and many Batman-related minis and one-shots.

On the Marvel side, Dixon is perhaps best known for his work on various Punisher books (including minis and one-shots), but he also reinvented Moon Knight in the late 80s / early 90s and wrote numerous Conan tales.

And though CrossGen will sadly be remembered as a footnote in comic book history, the scribe wrote Way of the Rat for 24 issues and Brath for 15 (which includes a prequel).

For WildStorm he's written several Team 7 (and Team Zero) minis, which have chronicled the early years of the WildStorm universe. Thus setting the groundwork for other writers.

And let's not forget that he also wrote two issues of Mr. T. :t:

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