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Man, it sure has been awhile since I've played Magic, I think last time I did Ice Age was just coming out, I believe at the time the multiverse was being called Dominia Prime, but I believe Wizards of the Coast later shortenend it to just Dominia.

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Name six Disney animated feature classics with a female character as the title role. (This means her name or her nickname MUST be somewhere in the title of the film. For example, "Sleeping Beauty" would count because Princess Aurora is the titular character. But you can't use that as an answer now because I did. :ph34r: )

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Part one: How many US Presidents have been assassinated?

Part two: Name them.

Part three: Name their successors.

Part four: Name their assassins.

Mark-out for the history question. :happy:

1.) 4


Abraham Lincoln

James A. Garfield

William McKinley

John F. Kennedy


Lincoln--Andrew Johnson

Garfield--Chester A. Arthur

McKinley--Theodore Roosevelt

Kennedy--Lyndon B. Johnson


Lincoln--John Wilkes Booth

Garfield--Charles Guiteau

McKinley--Leon Czolgosz

Kennedy--Lee Harvey Oswald

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