This is your life, Superman!

Darque Edge

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Okay, this review convinced me to go out and buy the comic, and I have exactly the same criticisms about it that you do. There was SO much good stuff in there, but the framework was stupidly confusing.

What was the fight? Why are they going through time? What's GOING ON? I don't understand, and I'm fricking reading IC!

How did Superman get up after Doomsday? What? That went exactly the same way, what did he do differently that didn't 'kill' him? Last I remember, he was in a coma, in a kind of mammalian dive reflex (read the Death and Life of Superman novel, and you'll get me).

The more recent stuff was superb. The Identity Crisis bit worked great, as did the new first meeting. Overall, some very impressive stuff, but a lot of nonsensical stuff too.

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