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James D.

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Here's a thread to share what movies you've bought recently. If you want, you can share opinions of said movies, as well.

This past weekend, I got:

--Howl's Moving Castle

--My Neighbor Totoro (I'm a Miyazaki mark.)

--Field of Dreams

--Great Teacher Onizuka (anime) Vol. 2 - The best part? I got this at Borders brand new for ONE DOLLAR. :shocked::w00t:

--Cowboy Bebop Remix Vol. 4

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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire- I think this is the worst in the series in terms of not following the book.

Neverending Story 1 and 2- I was a kid once.

Jersey Girl- Kevin Smith = dvd extras goodness

My next dvd bought will probably be Narnia. I will be too busy playing Oblivion on the XBox360 to care about anything else until then.

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I should get the Never Ending Story one of these days it will nice whenever I want a nice trip down nostalgia lane. Never seen the second one though, I might have to rent that on Netflix.

The most recent things I bought were Batman the Animated Series Volume 1 and Home Movies Season 1. I'm probably going to be also buying Monk Season 3 in the next couple of days.

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