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I think you've hit the very nail on the head why I never jumped into gaming in general... I know the cheat codes are out there and I know I'd use them if I had the game. I had the old Coleco and Super Nintendo systems while I was growing up and up until Super Mario Bros., they didnt do a whole lot of cheat codes. When Super Mario Bros came out as a game, I spent hours and hours getting good at the game and did so likewise with Legend of Zelda

Then I discovered the cheat codes.

After that there was never a challenge in the game. Sure I still played Super Mario Bros and Legend of Zelda, but the games no longer held the same sparkle. There was no challenge to it. Games after that, we knew of the cheat codes almost as soon as the games themselves came out. The last game I played on Super Nintendo was Super Mario Paint...little more then a stylized version of the paint programs that can be found as freeware on nearly every Windows-based computer now. I started projects there that I could be creative with...and discovered a patience there to go through pixel by pixel and get the exact look I was going for. When I was done, I discovered how to attach the Super Nintendo to the VCR and record my project for safekeeping. This was the kind of challenge I liked.

Ever since cheat codes took over the gaming industry, I've been much more interested in games that rely on your creativity. I like playing the Sims just for the chance to put new things together. And yes, I know there are many many cheat codes for the Sims games...and yes, I will even admit to using them. When I know of them out there, I do use them freely. But the game still runs on still choose how your characters will look and what they can do.

Incidentally....I think I must have listened to WAY too many of your reviews on the net show, because I could HEAR every intonation and pitch you would make in this review if you were reading it!

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