Master Chief v Samus Aran


Who stands tall?  

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Well, Master Chief is 7'0" tall, where as Samus is only a mere 6'3". So, strictly speaking, Master Chief is bigger.

It's an interesting question, since both are humans who have been given various "improvements" throughout their lifetimes and both rely heavily on their armor when in combat. As for who would win a fight between the two, on even ground, probably Samus. Her Chozo suit has quite a few more tricks up its sleeves than the MJOLNIR armor. Plus, I think Samus, as a bounty hunter, would be more able in one-on-one combat than a Naval officer.

And Master Chief has a name. It's John. Just because he's referred to by his rank shouldn't count against him. That'd be like saying Darth Vader isn't a badass because nobody calls him Anakin Skywalker.

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