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I think I'm going to cry with joy. :cry:

What's nice is I've reviewed some of these series on The Show. If you're looking to get into some series, pick up these two:

--Azumanga Daioh (comedy, fun, biographical): Hilarious day-in-the-life-of series. No central plot; just good-natured humor like you'd find in a Japanese high school setting.

--Chrono Crusade (action, drama, sci-fi): My favorite anime series of all time.

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I'll toss a couple picks in there.

Kaleido Star: If ou need a pick-me-up, WATCH THIS SERIES. This is the mst feel-good show I've ever seen, girl comes to US from Japan to join Kaleido Stage (Think Cirque Du Solei) $30 is a steal. Buy it Buy it Buy it!!!!!!!!!!!

RahXephon: You cannot sample this series, I have watched it, read the wiki page, am watching it again and am still just picking things up, insanely complex but very good.

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