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The question is, would you want Peter or Spider-Man?

Spider-Man. I think Parker would screw it up somehow.

If we had a POTD, that would have been it.

Oh what the Hell...

Post of the Day!!! :respect:

I feel so honored to have the illustrious POTD make its grand return here, on my humble site. Even if it is a one-time thing. *wipes tear from eye*

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Mary Jane, screw it if she isn't a costumed heroine.


Miss Misery, from Sleeper. She enjoys doing things that are wrong :wub:

Jessica Jones, Jewel-era, preferably hypnotised ala The Purple Man.


The collective normal three Birds of Prey. Huntress in her short-shorts costume.

Wondergirl and Super-girl, but only at the same time.

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Mary-Jane and/or Emma Frost :wub:

Your the first one to say emma frost...nice i agree but all of you are missing the best woman in all the comics, Mystique...with her you can have any woman you want, don't you agree

Mystique, shapeshifting for the win.

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I'd like to rev her up a few times. But take the white make-up off, for fuck's sake. She's smokin' with the blonde hair and a normal skintone.

Very true.

As I don't read comics, I can't really answer the question for women drawn on paper. Comic movies on the other hand....







Gwen Stacy

And Rogue (and due to the ending of X3, this is the perfect time window to get together with her!!! :devil: )

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If you could have sex with one superhero/heroine (or villain/villainess) who would it be?

Off the top of my head I'd say Baroness (GI Joe) would be my Number 1 choice, with Wonder Woman, Phoenix, and Storm pulling a three-way tie for a close second.

How could you not say Dawn!

That is my type of girl!

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