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fury has been awol or mia or one of those various terms that means gone as far as shield is concerned.

what he has been doing is destroying LMD and guiding certain other characters, like spider-woman and winter soldier. It is also possible that he had a hand in wrecking the helicarrier that the new ant-man suit was on.

basically, fury is running his own ops as under the radar as possible. it seems like only a handful of people or less have any hope of contacting them when they want to.

but man oh man if tony is in charge of SHIELD when hulk comes back... I can't wait for the hulk to come back

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Punisher's reason for being on the anti team was because of Shield letting criminals out of prison and employing them. Cap said he was "thinking about it" when someone asked if they should let Punisher on the team.

The part that wowed me was Spidey getting his ass kicked, and that they really are setting Iron Man up to look like he is a bad guy.

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I have to say, it was worth the wait. Punisher is one of my fav characters, so I'm pretty psyched! I totally wanted more though! The art is top notch! I'm definitely more interested in this than 52.

Did I miss something? Did you know the masked guy was Punisher before this issue?

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It is interesting that they didn't put Punisher on there but did put DD on their considering his "capture" even though I'm pretty sure he's the anti-reg plant linked to Cap's deal with Zemo. So either it is a mistake to have DD on the cover or they felt Punisher's fate was a more important tease/secret to keep than DD's fate.

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I've got to say it was a little anti-climatic for me. Pretty good overall. Rand's closing comment was cliched but handled in a way that was kind of interesting.

A lot of exposition in this one:

"I've been in a ski mask covering for you guys," Cloak and Dagger, Richards and She-Hulk, and Stark's conversation with Rand.

It didn't seem real to me in this issue. It might have been the wait but this one was just meh to me.

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You know the thing I love most about Civil War? The fact that they're (in wrestling terms) turning Tony Stark heel while not changing his viewpoint or his character.

The entire thing is being done based on existing character traits. That's by far and away the most interesting thing about it.

I agree wholeheartedly. Lots of people are claiming Tony's acting out of character, but he's not. For everything he's said or done during this civil war, there's a precedent.

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Lots of people are assuming that cover image takes place in the Negative Zone, where the prison is located. If that's the case, it would explain Iron Fist / Daredevil being there, as well as Cloak and Dagger, all of whom have been captured.

I was thinking it would be the Murdock Daredevil, since he's out of prison and running around in-costume again, but the Negative Zone battle makes more sense.

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From Newsarama:


Marvel Comics has confirmed for Newsarama that the on-sale date of Civil War #6 has been moved to January 3rd, two weeks later than the previously announced on-sale date of December 20th, given when Marvel originally informed retailers and readers issues #4-6 of the mega-selling limited series would not ship on their originally solicited dates, along with the necessary delays of Civil War related tie-in titles timed to the release of the main mini-series.

Marvel also informed Newsarama that Civil War #7, originally solicited after the announced delays of issues #4-6 for a 1/17/07 on-sale, will remain on January’s schedule and is now scheduled for a 1/31 release.

Unlike the previous schedule changes, these changes do not affect many Civil War tie-in issues. Only Punisher War Journal #2 will be delayed one week until January 3rd, to time it to the release of Civil War #6.

Amazing Spider-Man #538 and Fantastic Four #543 though announced in Marvel’s August press release about the shipping delays as going on sale 1/24, were actually subsequently originally solicited for a January 31st release, and those dates have not been affected.

As to the question of why this two week delay, according to Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada,

“The decision to delay Civil War #6 was both a strategic and cautious decision on our part.

“First, let me say that all the materials are still coming in on schedule, but [series artist] Steve [McNiven] has come down with a very severe case of strep throat,” Quesada told Newsarama Thursday morning, which was later confirmed by the artist himself. “However, even with the strep, he's persevered and is still producing a page a day. So, while Steve's impaired health hasn't caused any delays, we felt that with something like strep, it would be best to buffer the schedule a tad in case he wises up and decides to put his head down for a couple of days.

“The second and most important reason we moved the book two weeks (rather than just one) is because we heard from our retail partners that if they had their way, they would preferred that issue #6 ship in January as opposed to the last week of December, which is traditionally not a great time for comics retailers. So, putting all of these things into the mix, we figured two weeks was a smart thing to do.”

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This is beginning to be a bit of a joke. The delay ruined any impact #5 would have had for me had I had it in my hands two months earlier.

I am, however, so totally psyched for War Journal that I'll be dropping Ennis' run at the end of the current storyline. I just can't validate two punisher books and he seems to be retreading again and again.

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- Whilst filming a reality TV show, the New Warriors decided to fight a team they had no chance of defeating. This caused a town to explode. Over 600 people were killed.

- The United States government said "enough is enough" and decided to enact the Superhero Registration Act (sometimes called Superhuman Registration Act and SRA). Under said act all superpowered beings (this includes Americans and superheroes wanting to act within US boarders) must register with the government. Everyone will be trained, and those who wish to be paid will work hand-in-hand with SHIELD.

- Iron Man, Reed Richards, Spider-Man, Wasp, Yellowjacket and many others sided with the government.

- Some others saw it as a draft and a violation of civil liberties. Those would be Captain America, Luke Cage, Falcon, The Punisher, Nick Fury, Hercules, "Daredevil" (note the quotes) and lots more.

- Since Captain America and his "Secret Avengers" are now considered criminals, Iron Man and the pro-SRA side have been ordered to hunt their former friends down.

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