Microsoft at E3


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I think they let the games do the talking this year. I was especially surprised at how they pushed PC gaming. The Live Anywhere is the best thing they showed in my opinion. Being able to have your friend list on your 360, Vista PC, and mobile phone is cool, and cross platform talk and play is an amazing feat.

The HD DVD drive is something I don't really care that much about, since I don't have a HDTV yet. I'll wait until there is a standard before I buy into HD movies.

The Live Arcade is something that they are very proud us, as they led the show with it. I don't know why they didn't mention the free poker game, or any of the new games. They only talked about classic games like Pac Man, Paperboy, Ultimate MK3, ect.

They mentioned the camera, but didn't say how it will be used other than using it to customize your gamer picture.

Grand Theft Auto 4 was a huge announcement. Sony's biggest exclusive franchise isn't exclusive anymore. XBox owners had to wait at least a year before they came out on it.

Overall, it was a good conference. Like I said, they let the games do the talking this year, and didn't have all the flash and music from last year. I'll post about Sony and Nintendo's conferences also.

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