Sony at E3


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They talk about a Greatest Hits collection for the PSP. the titles are Ape Escape, ATV Offroad, Hot Shots, Twisted Metal, and WipeOut Pure. They didn't mention the price though.

Every PS3 will ship with a hard drive, and will come out in November worldwide. We all know the price by now, and they tell it in different countries.

They show a demo for Gran Turismo for the PS3, and it is underwhelming. In my opinion, it isn't as good as PGR3 yet, and shouldn't have been shown for as long as it was.

They show a card game demo with the Eye Toy. It was really interesting. It looked just like Yu-Gi-Oh.

They talk about the online service, and talk about all the things it will offer. Rankings, voice, ect. They still say it will be free. They also talk about microtransactions.

They show the PS3 interface. It's really busy. Alot of stuff on the main page.

A bunch of demos shown. Afrika is the one that stands out to me. If that is in game engine stuff and not pre rendered, then that's the best game I've ever seen graphically. It doesn't show anything about what it's about though.

They show a typcical CGI final Fantasy trailer for FF13.

They talk about the controller, and show that it has a tilt sensor that sort of does what the Wii controller does, just a different way. He plays a demo for Warhawk using the tilt sensor. It looks like it is very awkward to control that way, as he couldn't even fly straight.

Overall, it was an ok conference. Not as good as last years, but they couldn't live up to all the CG stuff they showed. Speaking of which, they didn't show anything for Killzone.

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