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A fucking 10 from me. I love EC to death and own every issue of Tales from the Crypt, The Haunt of Fear, The Vault of Horror, and am working on getting all the issues of Crime SuspenStories, Shock SuspenStories, Weird Science, and Weird Fantasy.

Gaines was an amazing writer who crafted great stories with twist endings and tackled weightier issues such as racism, sex, drug use and the American way of life. The company's war comics Frontline Combat and Two-Fisted Tales often featured weary-eyed, unheroic stories that were out of step with the jingoistic times. He also gave a start to alot of freelance artists who became famous through their work for EC. As a publisher he was a genius and changed the way comics were looked at.

His fights with the industry and the American government are legendary, hell, the Comics Code Authority was created direclty because of him, and his altercations against them are too numerous to list. William Gaines is, in my opinion, one of the industry leaders who helped shape comics into what they are now. Plus he helped create MAD magazine.

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In 1982 the EC Library put out all their different lines of comics in harcover volumes that came in slipcases, and even those command hefty prices, and the originals from the 50's are insane in price. Being a fan of EC certaintly isn't easy on the wallet. That's a damn shame that future generations will never know the genius of EC because of how unavailable it is.

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It's great to see EC living on, but the way they talk about re-releasing it in the link you posted is asinine. Releasing them one book at a time, with each book only containing six issues seems retarded to me. They should just bring back the slipcased, hardcovered, every issue included in one set, they did in the late 70's/early 80's. Those sets had every issue of one line in them, and they put out a hardbound set for each of their comic lines. For an example of what I'm talking about click here. These were the first sets they did, and if they are serious about bringng EC back, they should just release sets like these, instead of releasing various volumes.

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Plus it said they are only going to do one volume a year for each line. Which is fine for thier "new direction" titles like Valor, MD, Extra, Aces High which would only need one volume each, but for titles like Crypt, Horror, Fear, and the suspenstories line, your looking at 5-6 years to get all the issues.

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