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Hundreds of Hasbro executives, as well as a handful of media representatives, packed the Walter Reade Theater at Lincoln Center in New York on Tuesday evening for a special TRANSFORMERS “event” that featured 25 minutes of footage from the pic, scheduled for release on July 4th.

Both director Michael Bay and Dreamworks production president Adam Goodman were on hand for a rather un-spontaneous pre-screening Q&A, during which they both expressed intense enthusiasm about the movie. Goodman noted that Dreamworks has high hopes for TRANSFORMERS as a long-running franchise, and stated that the effects would as groundbreaking as those seen in JURASSIC PARK and THE MATRIX.

Go here to read about the scenes. There are spoilers though, and it looks like they didn't change much from the script I read.

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Why would there be uproar about that? Most of them did that in the cartoon, with one or two noteworthy exceptions.

Because Prime is the one who's lips are moving, and people need something new to bitch about.

Here is the final stand up thing you'll see at the theaters soon, and I think it's awesome.


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I believe that is the energon cube

A closer shot

I won't spoil this one yet

He is a star though

The other reason to see this movie

Run Shia!

Does it look like the dog robot from Half Life 2 to anyone else?

There are more if anyone wants to see them. Mostly of the human cast though.

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Over the last few days, die-hard Transformers fans discovered evidence of a possible cameo for Dinobots and Constructicons in the upcoming film.

For those who were born after the 80's, the Dinobots are a special group within the Autobots faction that are made up of five robots, who each transform into likenesses of well-known dinosaurs. They were fan favorites because of their brute force and power. Conversely, the Constructicons became very popular because of their ability to merge into a larger Decepticon: Devastator.

Well, we are happy to report to old and new Transformers fans that Dinobots and Constructicons may have small cameos in the upcoming movie and the film's producer has confirmed he has already conceived a way to present both groups in a sequel.

If you go to the Sector 7 web site, found at, and enter the code "codeblack," you'll get to see the following sequence (click on the red hard drive, choose the N.B.E. 08 file):

The short sequence shows Dinobots leader Grimlock in his T-Rex form, crushing everything on his path. The excavator on the left could be Scavenger, from the Constructicons.

As if that wasn't enough, UGO's Back Row Chatter caught Tom DeSanto, who confirmed the two groups' appearance in a potential sequel:

“It is really gratifying that as an old school Transformers fan and after almost six years of work the movie is just over a month away from live action big screen immortality. Like X-Men and Battlestar Galactica this is a project I have wanted to see made since I was a kid. As a huge Grimlock lover myself there was just no room in the first movie for the Dinobots, we had to focus on the original Transformers with Optimus Prime and Megatron. But if the box office allows us to make a sequel, the door is open to a lot of the Transformers universe. I have a very cool idea on how to intro the Dinobots and Constructicons. How cool would that movie be?

After looking around on, I also saw a video with an Insecticon, and an actual VW beetle transforming.

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The reviews are starting to come in from the press screenings, and they are good.

Adults and kids are going to like this movie which is why I see it making a bazillion dollars. It's far better than any of the Big Three sequels that have come and gone already.

big, loud, eye-popping fun. The robots look great. Megan Fox looks great. The characters are surprisingly well fleshed out (for a Bay action film). Despite being 140 minutes long, the film did not drag at all (not like Spider-Man 3 or Pirates 3 did).

These are not from real reviewers, but normal film fans.

Rotten Tomatoes has some good reviews also.

it was the biggest, loudest, baddest and coolest movies i have ever seen.

unfortunately it also has people rating it 0 "out of principle" by people who haven't seen it, which is why you can't trust RT this early.

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I just saw it, and I loved it(I know big shock). It's out now so spoilers ahead.

Sam was almost too geeky. There is absolutely no way in hell he could even get a girl like her to even speak to him. It was mostly Shia's acting. He was playing basically the part from Even Stevens. It would have worked better in a comedy.

I've made my feelings really clear about the fact that I hate unnecessary love stories in movies. Particular in superhero and action films. Just throwing a hot girl into a movie doesn't make it a date movie.This particular love story was one of the worst. At the end of the movie I still feel like Sam is infatuated with Michaela, and she still seems way out of his league. She shows no affection towards him except to tell him that "I was glad I got in the car with you". No "I'm glad I got to know you". No "I'm feel like I'm falling for you". Basically she says she had fun. She just comes off as bitchy, especially in the beginning when she clearly watches him give his presentation in class, and then asks if they have any classes together. She doesn't seem to change during the course of the movie.

The hacker guy that everyone is complaining about is Anthony Anderson, who plays the same character in every movie he's in. Once again, it would have worked better in a comedy, or if he was the only comic relief in the movie. The pizza's so good it'll make you slap your momma type jokes are his signature.

Apparently our military is run by a bunch of morons that let anybody in on national security matters. The whole Sector 7 was a joke, and the guy in charge was the worst part of the whole movie. I saw him and thought I was watching Tony Shalhoub in Men in Black. He just didn't fit the part.

It was almost exactly like the script I reviewed, except for some character changes. The main thing was that they don't regenerate in the movie. I really wish they would have stayed with the the Soundwave design instead of Frenzy. He went from being a ninja to Jar Jar Scissorhands.

There wasn't enough interaction with the robots. Jazz has like 2 lines in the movie. Except for Megatron and Barricade, all the Decepticons had 1 line, and that was their names in an alien language.

Prime was Prime. He was a badass.

The girl with the accent was completely useless. She was there to bring in Anthony Anderson's character who was also useless when it came down to it. I still don't know what she was. Was she some kind of coder? Her team disappeared after they were shown twice. It's a good thing they didn't bother giving them any personalities that might be missed. Her, the hacker, and her team could have been cut down to one character, like Jeff Goldblum in Independence Day.

The comedy was good for the most part, but they were really stretching some jokes too long. The scene at Spike's house lasted way too long and started to look like a cartoon. I think they sat in a room and asked "How many times can we have the Autobots hide from his parents while trampling his yard and it still be funny"?

The dog peeing on Ironhide was funny. Bumblebee peeing on the agent was completely unnecessary and unfunny.

The effects were incredible. The action was awesome. The sound was Lucas like.

Jazz gets ripped in half and killed, and Prime says "well, we lost a good ally, but we made some more". That's it? No tears? No? That's it? Good thing he only had 2 lines and we never got attached to him. Ratchet should have died. Hell, he never even fixed anyone the whole movie.

I like how they just dump the Decepticon(and maybe Jazz, they just said remains) bodies in the ocean. Never mind the scientific value of them.

Bottom line is, the robots were good, the humans not so good. Lose the love story, unnecessary hacker and coder(and her team), and give the characters that are left some depth, and it would have been even better.

Of course by reading this you would think I hated it, but these are the things that stick out in my mind. The rest was just "wow".

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Felt like an average action film to me, one that had the Transformers name tacked on to make more money. Not a terrible film, better than I had hoped, but not as good as it could have been. I'll explain more when Jen and I cover it during The Show.

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After making over $8 million in Monday preview screenings, Paramount/DreamWorks' Transformers brought in $27.5 million in its first full day according to estimates, easily setting a new Tuesday box office record over Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest's $15.7 million made last year. It has grossed an impressive $36.3 million in just 28 hours.

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I pretty much agree with Jack's write up. Sure, the whole time I was watching it I felt like a little kid again having a great time watching the transformers blow shit up and fight, but at the same time you can't shake the feeling that what you are watching lacks substance.

To me, the movie came across as a an average movie that was candy coated with the Transformers name to give it the Wow factor that made the audience enjoy it, myself included.

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I really did enjoy the movie and I do agree with some of Jack's points. The bits that make the movie for me were all the little nods to the first movie and cartoon series. I wish they had killed someone else other than Jazz. They should have brought in someone like Gears or Huffer to be ripped in two. Did anybody else see the irony in Jazz dying and Ratchet and Ironhide suriving.

Easily the movie of the summer for me and more than likely the year unless Bourne is as good as the last two in the series.

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Transformers remained a solid overseas player with $30 million at 6,118 in 53 markets. The movie's foreign total has hit $296 million, nearly matching the domestic total. Transformers, which has exceeded Paramount's expectations offshore, should become the 48th pic to hit the $300 million international mark in a few days. It will be the fifth summer tentpole -- but first non-sequel -- to cross that milestone this summer after Spider-Man 3, "At World's End," "Order of the Phoenix," and Shrek the Third.

With $592.3 million worldwide, we would say you can expect that official sequel announcement any day now.

$600 million is a lot of money. I wonder why they haven't just said there will be a sequel yet?

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