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BVGBA: round three, poll four  

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After much debate, I pick Scorpion.

Here's a ninja who was betrayed and killed by a fellow clansman, went to Hell, became a specter of venegance, and dedicated what was left of his existence to murdering his betrayer. Well, he finally did and thus, he went back to Hell for eternity. However, when he saw (albeit mistakenly) that his betrayer was somehow alive, he again set out to murder him. He's such a wild card that no one ever knows whose side he's really on or who he may be working for. He's as solitary an individual as they come. He should have been destroyed countless times and he refuses to stay down. Most recently, he was thrown into a spirit tornado that should have torn him asunder and obliterated him from any level of existence. Yet, he survived. And the elder gods were so impressed by his longevity, abilities and mentality that they chose him to be their new champion succeeding Liu Kang. Lest I forget that he spits fire out of his mouth and burns people alive? Or that he has a spear that shoots out of his wrists at will into people's chests and to sever opponents' jugulars?

Auron certainly deserved to make it this far, but his résumé doesn't compare to that of Scorpion.

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Score one for Scorpion for most of the reasons James said. Auron might be cool, but Scorpion truly personifies an individual doing whatever the fuck he wants. He seaked out revenge in the first Mortal Kombat game, and was successful. He never commits himself to joinning a specific group in the Mortal Kombat world(At least, not for very long) and always has a different goal he has to accomplish. The guy does whatever he wants.

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