Episode #36


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Good stuff man.

My only criticism is that it may have been a little too short. Maybe it's because I'm known for dragging my stuff along, but it really seemed like you were holding back for the sake of keeping it brief. That's only because I wanted to hear more though, so consider that a good thing really.

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Well if I knew I was taking over completely I would have elaborated more (gone over some handheld titles, brought up Sonic Xtreme and how it's cancellation was something of a turning point for the series. Alas, I did not and you get the 19 minute version)

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Only just listened to this now. I'm more of a Mario fan personally, but it's nice to hear some Sonic love from time to time. I remember the Sonic cartoon (at least, the one with a robotic chicken) and it adds nicely to the upstanding tradition of terrible video-game cartoons*. Liked the clarity between the Sonic 3/Sonic & Knuckles thing, which confused me for ages - have played it on emulators and it rocked.

Sonic Adventure 2 is undoubtedly the worst game I own on my Gamecube. Coincidentally, my cousins loved it whenever they'd come over 5 years ago. :happy:


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