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A listener just wrote in and asked the following:

If you guys know of an anime-style cartoon with a vampire character much like Dracula (it may even be Dracula) who gets a change of heart, burns a cross into the palm of his hand and kills other vampires with it I would love to know the title. I saw it on TV when I was a kid sometime in the eighties and need to see it again.

My first guess was Hellsing, but he specifically said he saw this in the 1980s. So that rules it out.

He's Canadian, by the way, so maybe they had something back then which the US didn't. Like maybe Vampire Hunter D.

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D never burned a cross onto his hand. He is, however, host to a symbiotic being known as "Left Hand" that comes to his aid at times. But I doubt that's what this listener was talking about as nothing else he/she speaks about is like VHD.

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