Ultimate Avengers 2

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This one is darker, and bloodier. Cap is pissed, and recklessly puts himself in danger all the time because he feels like he shouldn't be alive anyway. We get to see Black Panther's dad, and how his death and Cap are related. I really liked the talk between Tony and Jarvis when picking out a new suit. Hank is still an ass, but is better than the first movie. Janet is useless as she isn't much of a fighter. Thor is more Godlike, and less hippy. Black Widow is completley useless again.

As for the plot, think of the first one, but with an all out global invasion.

There is a part at the beginning that I didn't understand. Cap throws his shield through a truck. Right through the back, and out the grill. I know his shield is unbreakable, but even Cap isn't strong enough to throw it through an engine block like a hot knife through butter. Another is at the end where Iron Man does something that almost kills him, and Thor didn't even bother to help even though he was standing there watching him. You'll know it when you see it.

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