The Amazing Screw-On Head


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  • 3 weeks later...

I watched the pilot of it last night on SciFi Pulse and it was awesome! I saw Yoda's avatar and it reminded me of it. Really funny and the art/animation direction came straight from the BPRD style. The main characters voice is Paul Giamatti who happened to give me the look of death once.

So I was at a NY Barnes & Noble and as I was leaving I held the door open for Giamatti, who was right behind me. Anyways he said thank you and I as did a double take he gave me the most evil look of death I've ever seen...and I'm Italian. I'm sure he just didn't want me to make a scene, but dang...I think I lost a few years off my life.

With that said, this cartoon is awsome and you all have to go to and watch it and then go to and take the survey and RAVE about it so they bring it to fruition! IT MUST BE DONE!

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As my avatar shows, I freaking loved it! If this is not made into a series, I will boycott SciFi. No more Eureka, Doctor Who, Who Wants to be a Superhero?, ECW, Twilight Zone or anything else.

Emperor Zombie is hands down my new favorite villain.

Here are some of my favorite lines and exchanges.

Emperor Zombie: [sings] You know something I don't know.

Professor Fruen: Who's there? [Fruen wipes muck from what appears to be a window] Wha-wha-what is the meaning of this?

Emperor Zombie: I thought I was clear. You. Know something. I. Don't know.

Professor Fruen: I'll tell you everything.

Emperor Zombie: I want to know what this says. [he holds up a scroll]

Professor Fruen: The Scroll of Gung? It's untranslatable.

Emperor Zombie: Why steal a book you can't read? That's silly!

Professor Fruen: Um... I... was attempting... to translate it...?

Emperor Zombie: Ooh! How far d'ja get?

Professor Fruen: Not... very.

Emperor Zombie: You're no fun! Piggy little professor keeping Gung's secrets all to himself. There's only one way to truly know everything you know...

Professor Fruen: Ask... politely?

Emperor Zombie: I'm going... to smoke you! [Zombie sits down at a giant hookah, which Fruen is trapped in] Last words before I spark it?

Professor Fruen: WAIT! I know where Gung's temple is!

Emperor Zombie: Oops! So do I! Just can't get inside the damn thing. Rickie... [Rickie the monkey turns the hookah on; Fruen turns to smoke; Zombie takes one hard, long drag] Now I know everything you know. [Zombie reads the Scroll of Gung and laughs; his three henchmen look at him curiously] There's actually a little joke in here. Gung was funny!

Emperor Zombie: I'm so excited, I just made water in my pantaloons! [his excitement fades] I wish Patience was here. Not that I don't like you. I do. It's just... she's not quite so old. She's old. But not like you. Not like that. You understand. [his two undead henchmen stare at him blankly] Ooh, look! It's Gung!

Gung: Foolish mortals!

Emperor Zombie: Do I look mortal to you?

Emperor Zombie: Oh! It's not a jewel. It's a dirty ol' piece of crap.

Screw-On Head: Perhaps you might express an apology.

Emperor Zombie: [laughs] Oh-ho-no he didn't. Apologize to you?! Pardon me if I say "poppycock!"

Screw-On Head: Then say it!

Emperor Zombie: Poppycock.

Emperor Zombie: This is the best day ever! It marks the end of Amazing Screw-On Head, and brings closure to my petty vengeance fetish with his menservants!

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Emperor Zombie: I'm going... to smoke you! [Zombie sits down at a giant hookah, which Fruen is trapped in] Last words before I spark it?

I couldn't believe he actually smoked the guy. I hadn't laughed that hard since Venture Brothers.

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