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Starting in September, it would appear that WildStorm is going back to its roots. Both WildCATS and Wetworks will relaunch with brand new number ones, and will be penciled by their original creators: Jim Lee and Whilce Portacio, respectively. Then in October we'll see The Authority #1, Deathblow #1 and Gen 13 #1. StormWatch #1 is also set to launch later this year.

Personally, I was a big fan of the old WildStorm titles: WildCATS, Union, Team 7, Gen 13 and, later, The Authority and Planetary. Sure, the stories weren't always great, but the action was intense and kept me coming back! So I'm rather excited about this relaunch.

How about you guys, are you excited by this?

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I am all about WildCats and Authority by Morrison. The Authority sucked under Robbie Morrison and had a total revamp that was unneeded by Brubaker. I hope Morrison does some undoing of all that. I liked the original Doctor soooo much.

WildCats I haven't read since shortly after the Killer Instincts crossover with CyberForce. I couldn't really get into the whole 3.0 thing but maybe if I get a whole wack of cash that I don't sink into my brand new mortgage payment I may pick up the trades.

I'll check out Stormwatch because I loved the entire run (except for the lull between the whole Despot thing and Ellis' run. I also have a killer proposal for the third wave or so of Wildstorm.

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