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My friend has compared this to Rocky Horror. I kind of have to see this now. :P

Excerpted from her review of the movie:

I am also convinced the Octopus has a Theme Hat. It is made of a quilt of every type of fabric conceivable, and bears upon it a plaque reading: Theme Hat. In this hat are tiny scraps of paper. Every day upon waking (or any time of day when he gets bored) Octopus reaches into his Theme Hat and redoes his entire wardrobe and hideout in this theme. He has at least 3-4 completely random theme changes through the course of the movie, each more ridiculous than the last. I was really surprised that his teardrop eyeliner stayed the same the entire time.
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Tell me as much as you can without spoiling it. How was the plot, the characters, the graphics, etc.



+ Gabriel Macht was a perfect choice for Denny Colt/The Spirit, and I thought he totally nailed the lovable oaf/urban crimefighter dynamic of the character. The fact that his facial expressions would sometimes look like Eisner's drawings was always a plus too.

+ Sarah Paulson + Dan Lauria had a really good father/daughter dynamic going on and had great chemistry with Macht. I really wish we could of seen more of them. I also liked that Miller upgraded Ellen to a surgeon.

+ Scarlett Johansson as Silken Floss was a lot of fun. She had a nice back and forth going with Sam Jackson, and she looked as sexy as hell the whole time.

+ The Sand Seref Origin story i felt was pretty well done. Seychelle Gabriel as the young Sand Seref was really good, and i think she is someone to look out for in the coming years.

+ I liked a lot of Miller's additions to the Spirit's world like how he was basically an alley cat. Like an alley cat he probably had a real home, and a real identity once but now it's long forgotten and like a stray he runs from alley to alley, rooftop to rooftop looking for trouble because the city is his home now and he needs to protect it. The opening scene where we see him awaken surrounded by all the cats was really breathtaking. I liked that he wore sneakers with a suit too, said a lot about his character.

+/- The visuals were both really cool and kind of annoying at the same time. Some shots worked, and some just fell flat. I am not particulary a fan of this type of visual style, and i hated the Sin City and 300 movies but i felt that when the visuals worked here, they worked better than in either of those films.

+/- Sam Jackson's Octuopus was also both cool at times and an annoyance at others. He really shined in the Nazi scene, i'll leave it at that.

- The Louis Lombardi characters were an intresting idea but got to very annoying, very fast.

- The story structure and tone were all over the place.

- Too many characters. Lorelei Rox, and Plaster Of Paris seemed to come out of nowhere, and felt tacked on. More focus could of helped the film a lot.

- The way they tried to connect the Spirit/Octopus was a little Batman 89 for my tastes. Although it didn't bother me as much as what they did in Batman 89. I also think the revelation dosen't really hold much weight with an average audience today who are mostly unfamiliar with the characters, it's not like Batman and Joker who are cultural icons no matter what the medium.

I also think how much you enjoy the movie might also have to do with how much you enjoy current work from Frank Miller, if you dig the absurdness of ASB&R, and DKSA (like myself) or you have read the book Eisner/Miller, you might find a lot to like about this movie but otherwise i am not so sure about that.

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Comparing it to Miller's recent work was the nail in the coffin for me. I was going to give it a rental but may not as I'm not really in the realm of caring. The guy who owns the local throws me a freebie once in a while because he buys tons of obscure/cult/foreign/bizarro films that I'm sure only I ever rent. He appreciates that and oftentimes when I get up to the counter he says "You want free rental?"

I say "Me want." Maybe I'll pay for the one I'm getting and grab that off the shelf when it's out.

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Saw it today. It's a 2nd rate Sin City, as I said on The Oratory. Certain bits were priceless, but Preston's right when he says that Miller isn't great in the director's chair on his own - the film didn't know whether it wanted to be cheesy or serious. Not a bad film by any means though, just very uneven.

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