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From the NY Post:

'Heroes' looks at the end


Last Updated: 5:02 AM, October 30, 2009

Posted: 1:56 AM, October 30, 2009

NBC's "Heroes" might have to prepare for its final chapter.

The network is reportedly pressuring producers to start winding down the show about characters with superhuman powers -- and may possibly even want a series finale ready for May.

"There isn't much happening with this show in terms of audience, and giving it a 'final chapter' feel is something the network is considering to help allow the show to go out with a bang," an NBC source told the Web site Airlock Alpha.

"Heroes" got a lot of hype and had a successful first season -- but its ratings steadily declined for the next three seasons.

This season, called "Redemption," was supposed to be a shot for writers to revamp the storylines -- but the show has seen its smallest audience yet. "Heroes" is now one of NBC's lowest-rated shows, and has consistently finished last in viewership in its timeslot.

NBC has yet to make a final decision on the fate of the show, which it will probably do around mid-season. -

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Two things made me stop watching the show: When Mohander gave himself superpowers and the storyline where Peter went into that alternate future with the Irish girl. Did I miss an episode or something because as far as I know Peter never brought her back with him which means that the poor girl is stuck in a horrible alternative future and apparently nobody gives a poobah's pizzle.

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I've always posited that the bad future was erased when the virus (or whatever it was) never spread across the world. Because of that, she was either erased along with that future, or she was (somehow) shunted back in time and she's safe in Ireland.

They were going to address it in the second half of season two. However, the writer's guild strike happened and Ted Kring has said he just doesn't feel like addressing it now. It would be nice if they went back and did do something with it but I'm not holding my breath. Peter hasn't mentioned her since season 2 and probably isn't going to start now.

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