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If you aren't reading this book, pick it up. It's funny, has guest stars in every book, and is just a good read.

The current story is that She-Hulk and John Jameson are married. That's right, JJ's biggest fear has happened. He has a "freak vigilante" for a daughter in law. In issue 9 we see a very tense dinner with JJ, She-Hulk, John, and Mrs. Jameson in which Mrs' Jameson tells how she met Jonah when he hired her to help kill Spider-Man. It gets better when Jonah goes to the attic to use one of his old Spider-Slayers against Shulky. Soon, they make amends when they decide to join forces to sue Peter Parker for fraud. They know he's broke, so they decide to go after his new suit instead.

Issue 9 isn't a Civil War book, but it does include some of the CW storylines.

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