Civil War, episode 3


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It's coming, but I don't know when. I really, really wanted to have it for you guys on Tuesday, but then my Internet fucked up. So we didn't bother recording the show, because, really, why bother when it can't be uploaded?

Then I figured we'd get it to you on Wednesday, but things came up Tuesday night which prevented us from recording the show.

And while Jenny's ready to get it done tonight, I'm not. I've gotten next to no sleep since Sunday. My body's fine (I can run on very little sleep, actually), but my mind is just not in the game. That said, I'm going to try to get to bed early tonight so I'm rested for Wizard World Chicago this weekend. Being rested for the show is the most important thing to me at the moment.

Hopefully we'll be able to record it Sunday night, after the final day of the con. If that's the case, look for it Monday or Tuesday. If not, eventually.

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