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So I got to wondering why we haven't heard anything about the New Warriors TV show since they announced that it was picked up for ten episodes on Freeform. Turns out that Marvel took the show back and said they were going to shop it around to other networks and nobody has heard anything since then. I assume it will be on Disney's streaming service but by the time it launches it will have been two years since the pilot was filmed. Unless they quietly filmed the whole season I think it's gone. 

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Real talk, no lie: I was going to completely write this movie off when they introduced Mysterio with no fish-bulb helmet. But then he had it.

Looks fine. I like the more Ultimate Spider-Man From The Comics direction with Nick Fury. But on a serious tip I've mostly written off this version of Spider-Man after seeing Spider-Verse. Looks closer to Ant-Man's ilk than anything heavy-hitting.

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On 1/17/2019 at 11:57 PM, Donomark said:

Really, how so?

1. I love Mysterio.

2. Jake Gyllenhaal is one of the best actors working today.

3. The MJ scene was cute.

4. "Peter goes to Europe and still runs into villains" is absolutely a '60s/'70s era plot. 

5. "Do I pack my costume or have fun with my classmates" is 100x more a Spider-Man dilemma than the Stark bullshit from Homecoming. 

6. Flash admires Spider-Man and shits on Peter and it's legit funny.  


I'm not crazy about the MCU aspects, the Aunt May and Nick Fury scenes, but a lot of it feels like Spider-Man in a truer sense than the last few movies. 

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