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I wouldn't say that film. I think it's because, in the British consciousness, if you mention The Avengers, Emma Peel comes to mind, not Captain America. Not only that but it could be for Copyright purposes. The Avengers first aired in 1961, three of four years before Stan Lee though of teaming Iron Man, Thor, The Wasp, The Hulk,and Giant Man up.

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I not sure it's a copyright thing. If that were the case then wouldn't the comic have to be called something different as well for the same reason? While I adore The Avengers and my mind immediately goes to Mrs Peel when I hear the name I'm not sure it's as big a thing in pop culture as it used to be. You may be right though.

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I'm concerned about the pure awesomeness of the trailers. The last time we got trailers this kick-ass was Sucker Punch, where the actual movie didn't live up to what the trailers promised. And there was a big backlash.

I'm just worried this is going to happen here.

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