Grind House

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I can sort of understand them splitting them up for cinema releases, but for DVD they should be kept together, even if it's spread over 2 disks.

Tarantino has come out and said that both Death Proof and Planet Terror will be receiving separate DVD releases. I hope they also release Grindhouse as it was meant to be seen though.

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I have a feeling the "missing reels" will be included (at least as extras) on the DVDs.

I've got the scripts for both movies, and the missing reel was written into Planet Terror. The lapdance scene was in the script for DeathProof though.

That was probably why the missing reel in Death Proof seemed so strained. I know it was a staple of Grindhouse films that when they were showing these films an entire reel would be missing but for Planet Terror it seemed a natural part, while Death Proof just didn't pull it off.

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