Pics from the Horrorfind Convention


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So, my girlfriend and I just got back from the convention here in Maryland. We got the whole day pass, but were both broke within the span of two hours (they had a LOT of rare horror DVDs, shirts, and action figures, so much so that I'm most definately going back next year.) The big attraction, as always, was one Mr. Bruce Campbell. Since his line was uber-long and $40 an autograph, we opted instead to just get pictures with anyone in the Celebrity Room that didn't charge for pics. Enjoy, and be jealous (that means YOU Cash). :D


The top of a lot of heads in the Celebrity Room.


Tony Todd aka Candyman~! Even with a pink hat, he will eat your soul.


Me being choked by Kane Hodder (the best guy to ever don the Jason mask, bar none) and looking WAY too happy about it.


Amy with a zombie. The guy was really dedicated to his character, as he literally just stood in that spot all day, not saying a word.


Me again with Ken Foree (both versions of Dawn of the Dead). He was the only guy that charged for a pic. <_<


Amy with Pedro Miguel Arce and Jennifer Baxter (Pillsbury and Zombie Girl from Land of the Dead).


Amy and Eugene Clark (Big Daddy from Land of the Dead). He's a jazz performer apparently.


We opted not to do the same pose.


All of the stuff I ended up getting. Left to right from top: 4 free posters - 2 Descent, Crank, and Mike's favorite, Saw 3, Soul Reaver Raziel figure, Midnight Syndicate CD, Every "of the Dead" movie signed by Tom Savini, Cannibal Holocaust, Battle Royale, and Murder Set Pieces signed by Tony Todd (all three movies I had been searching for forever~!), Imported Godzilla Trading Cards, Dawn of the Dead pic signed by Ken Foree, Wooden Kanji Sword.

All and all, not bad for a guy that came in with only $100 on him.

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Sounds like you had a great time, D.W. Nice haul by the way!

Any chance you and Amy might submit a recap segment?

Actually, I hadn't thought of that. If she's up to it, definately.

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