Smallville review show, when will the E2 be up?


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In about 30 minutes. I'm uploading it now.

I don't think we'll do anything like this again, that being to review a show or movie in the minutes after it's aired. Without the proper time to formulate our thoughts, Jen and I (especially me) rambled a little too much.

We have a new theme song by the way (it might just be a onetime use, however). Let us know what you think of it.

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It's posted.

The reason Lana can't know Clark's secret is in episode 100. Lex willl hunt Lana down for the truth of Clark's powers so Lana finding out save that for a special episode or series finale. I agree the Ma Kent/Lois should have been frozed bite like Chloe in season 5 permiere in the fortress.


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This being a season premier, it was a special episode. And if Lex really wanted to know Clark's secret, he would have tortured Ma, Pa, Pete, Chloe or a million other people by now. Lana not knowing is silly at this point.

While I take a different viewpoint than you Mike on this, I will agree it was rushed, make it a 90 min (like when Batman Trailer but this time do a trailer of the new Superman DVDs set instead) & follow it w/ a new CW comedy & have Supernatural premire next week.



Pete is in Witchita KS not seen since Season 3 ended. And Pa Kent is 6 feet under so unless Lex does a seance w/ pa Kent he is out of luck there too. Ma & Chloe would die before turning on Clark & his secret. Besides Lex knowing Clark's is a BIG NO NO in Superman mythology. I agree Lana should figure it out by series finale.

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