Anime Fan Question 1

Kenji Sumachi

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Who I'd Want to Be: Spike Speigal, definitely. I'd have the time of my life flying around the universe catching bounties. Sure, he gets the crap beaten out of him a lot, but you take the bad with the good. The exciting life would be worth it.

Who I'd Probably Be: Someone like Shin from Cowboy Bebop... pop in for an episode or two, kick a little ass, then get killed or just disappear, never to be heard from again. That wouldn't be so bad, actually. :P

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I want supreme power and lots of naked women at my beckoning. In which anime can I attain this? :devil:

If you're ok with dying, you have plenty of choices. If not, you're choices become considerably

I must be immortal too. So yes, immortal, supreme power and sluts.

That has to be one of the greatest posts in this website's short history.

I'll have to think about your specifications, but, as J Marv said, your choices are extremely limited. As for me, well, I'll think about it for a bit...

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Actually my pick would cover the sluts theory, I mean you have a leteral army of 1000s of maids that are trained to take care of every facet of your life. They wake him up bathe him feed him do whatever he asks, which is usually very little, idiot

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