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Alan Burnett and Sander Schwartz are the Executive Producers and Bill Finger created this new series.

I also thought it was really good, though the series has been out for some time now on "Fox Box" with 18 episodes. The voice of Joker was very similar to Mark Hamill, which kind of confused me since he isn't in this series. Kevin Michael Richardson does his voice, I believe.

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Has anyone else seen this new Batman series? I watched it last night and the artwork looks pretty badass. The Joker looks alot more psychotic than he has in other Batman cartoons. Does anyone know whos is behind this cartoon?

Yeah, I have a bunch of episodes on tape, but never got around to watching/reviewing them. Since Cartoon Network has started to air them (along with the WB), however, I've begun TiVoing them. Good show, overall.

Click here to see the cast.

(Oh, and since this topic already existed, I've merged the two threads.)

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Yeah, I watch it when I can.

Some of the episodes are really good, the best one I've seen is when Alfred makes Bruce allow a camera crew and reporter to do a "day in the life of," special about him so that he can separate himself from Batman.

You get it on "Fox Box" James? I thought it was a WB Kids show?

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The Riddler—Robert Englund

This show can't go wrong for that reason alone.

Yeah, I noticed that and I marked out. He also did Felix Faust's voice in one of the first Justice League episodes. There is supposed to be another Faust episode coming up when new episodes of JLU resume in May, so I hope he does the voice again. He was so fucking creepy it was great.

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