PlayStation 2: Round Two


PlayStation 2: Round Two  

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Deus Ex: The Conspiracy was my impulse choice, but Sean is right, it's always been known better as a PC game.

God of War is good, very good. No huge flaws to speak of, and it's going to be a huge franchise in the next generation.

Mercenaries, while likely to be my pick in a different round, is a bit of a dark horse here.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time is just about the only legit competition for God of War here, as it was more innovative, but not as well hyped or influental.

Tony Hawk's Underground is probably the best game in the Tony Hawk series, period. But it's still very similar to the other 8903 games in the series, so I can't give it my vote here.

God of War just BARELY over Prince of Persia. Popularity was basically the deal breaker.

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