GameCube: Round Four


GameCube: Round Four  

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Animal Crossing: Oddly addictive, but I lost interest after a few months.

Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes: Not sure I can vote for a remake.

Metroid Prime: Never got the appeal, and the controls sucked.

StarFox Adventures: Didn't play it.

Super Mario Sunshine: Not the best Mario game, true, but it's a vastly underrated, fun experience. The water-fueled jetpack was a kick to play with, and, like Yoshi, the raccoon tale and the cape, added something new to the series. SMS gets my vote.

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Animal Crossing was a game that everyone loved, but I never got the appeal of.

Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes was a remake, but a remake done right.

Metroid Prime: I fucking hate Metroid Prime. Moving on.

StarFox Adventures was good, but really made me want to play the SNES game. When a game makes you want to play a system two generations ago, not so good.

Super Mario Sunshine was proof positive that the Mario formula is beginning to show it's age. It wasn't BAD per say, but didn't blow me away, either.

Twin Snakes. I normally wouldn't vote for a remake, but the other choices are so average.

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Being one of the people who did get Animal Crossing, I voted for that.

Sunshine was great, but had some huge shoes to fill with the original Mario 64 game, and just wasn't able to fill them.

Metroid Prime was a good game. Not a great game, but good.

I liked Star Fox, but never beat it nor that big of a deal for me to pursue.

I hated Metal Gear Solid remake. The analog control pissed me off too much for me to really venture into the game very far.

Animal Crossing was a game I was a addicted to for a loooong time. Not playing it constantly, but maybe ten minutes several times a week of it. It's bizzarely fun and has so much for you to do in the game that you're almost always finding something new. The NES games wer a nice touch, too.

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