PlayStation 2: Round Four


PlayStation 2: Round Four  

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Beyond Good & Evil is the game that's brought up pretty much every time someone talks about underrated games. It's a work of freaking art really, would've gotten my vote in a different round most definately.

Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition was the PS2's answer to Ninja Gaiden, basically. Fun, but relentlessly hard, which hurts it here.

Gran Turismo 4 is pretty self explanitory.

Guitar Hero accomplished the one thing that most all games try to do: get people that never play to try video games. It's an innovative concept, and the series, quite literally, has unlimited potential for updates.

Kingdom Hearts II made the list over KH1 via coin flip. I really wasn't sure which one to put on here. That said, in either case, they wouldn't beat Guitar Hero.

Guitar Hero with little doubt.

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Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition. Such a fun game.

D.W. have you played the Special Edition version? They’ve reduced the difficulty of all the modes to make it a much more forgiving game.

Yes. I just suck ass at it apparently.

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I never played Beyong Good & Evil.

DMC3 was a lot of fun but didn't grab me like the original game did.

GT4 didn't improve enough for me over GT3.

I never played Guitar Hero but have heard some great things about it.

Kingdom Hearts II was my pick. It once again mixed a great story with the fantastic characters of Square and Disney.

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