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So I deposited some money yesterday to find out I got hit by an overdraft fee(38 freaking bucks)The thing was I was only over a dollar. Confused I checked all my incoming outgoing transactions. I hear Foreign atm charge 2 dollars four times in a row. Which was strange since I only had used the ATM twice. So I call them to find out that if you check you account balances on another ATM, even without taking out any money you get smacked with that fee. Just to check my balance it cost TWO DOLLARS!!! what a freaking joke. I was able to get the overdraft fee waved but i'm still switching banks...

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I found that out a few months ago. Getting an ACCOUNT BALANCE costs two dollars if you get it at a random ATM out in Bumfuck Nowhere. What a fucking joke. It's a piece of paper no bigger than my hand. That doesn't cost two dollars., no.

Exactly and the problem is I never knew. The ATM i used is in the corner store of my block. If I had known about the fee I would have just checked the account balance at my house over the phone for free! Just another excuse to snake away a few bucks...

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