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She is one the most gracious artist I've ever met. This past weekend I was at Anime USA with a bunch of friends and Jo Chen was one of the guests. My group went as most of the main cast from Runaways and she recognized it instantly. It was entertaining because there was only one other person who vocally recognized what we were.

I picked up a Robin and a Racer X print. She signed them. She signed some comic covers that we brought. She signed a part of our costumes.

At one of her panels, she went through a step by step on how she makes a cover. She also plugged the American release of her book in 2007. If you haven't seen her covers, her art is absolutely beautiful. I wish she would be more willing to take her style back to interiors but it seems that she was burned doing interiors for mainstream books before and doesn't intend giving it another mainstream go. Companies could sell a lot of books to me if her work was on the inside.

I've come across enough guests at cons who are so... let's say, grumpy... that I can't help but wonder why they agreed to come. It was nice to eagerly anticipate meeting her from the moment I saw her listed as a guest and then have her be such a sweet person.

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