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I didn't see a thread started on this topic so I figured I would make an official Wii Friend Code Thread. There is one already started on Geekdrome but everyone always wants more Miis running around on their Wiis. You can add me by getting into your messages and going to your address book. Enter in people's 'Mii' codes and they can migrate to your 'Wii' (if they add you also). It's fun to see people in the background or stepping up to bat.

So let's get this party started. Add your Wii code below and see other people's Miis in the 'Mii Parade.'

slickrick - 7659 7913 8929 0403

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I've entered all of the codes listed thus far... now what?

From what I can understand, you can now send messages, trade Mii's and things of that nature over to other people. Plus play Online games with them once Nintendo finally starts making them. That's about all I know you can do with them.

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I added you to my Wii and now that we both have done it we can exchange Mii charaters and instant messages. I'm playing Zelda right now but I'll be sure to send you my Mii character later. If you go to the 'Mii plaza' you should be able to see other people's Miis walking around. You can upload them to your system if they are set to 'Mingle.'

Let me know if you can get this to work.

PS. So what's the secret Mike, did you get a job offer from a company whose name is yet to be named?

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