Pushing the Boundaries

Darque Edge

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What would you say is the most mature a mature readers title has ever got?

Would you say it was the scale and intelligence in Sandman?

The vulgarity in Preacher?

The humour in Transmetropolitan?

For my money, it would be either the latest storyline in Y-The last man (Bondage-A-Mania!), or Jesus De Sade in Preacher and the Sex Detectives.

'It's buggering time!'

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I thought that the butt fucking was only alluded to? See, when I read that, I just thought 'doggy position', not 'hershey highway'. Or am I just naive?

It could be just doggy style, but before the series premiered Bendis said in an interview that it was anal. But ultimately it's up to the reader to decide what they perceive it to be.

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