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Up to episode ten of the new series. I have not been disappointed at all, it's as good as it's ever been in my book. The joke about the photos that inspire Ron Howards films almost killed us.

This whole thing is so dense it's going to need 3 or more viewings to get all the jokes, just like the original I'm sure there's dozens of jokes I'm not getting yet.

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I finished it, thought it was good, but not great. The original cast, including Ron Howard were all great, but every other new character, especially Terry Crews are forgettable at best, and terrible at worst.

The first few episodes were average at best, but it peaks with the Tobias and Lucille interactions, those, and their episodes are gold.

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So, I figured I'd post some more thoughts on the season after a second watch over.

-GOB's arc is easily the best, followed by Lindsay's and George Sr.

-Needed more Lucille and Maeby.

-I really dislike the direction they took Michael. He was the moral center of the show, and now he's as bad as the rest of the family. I wonder if they're setting up a redemption arc.

-John Slattery's Dr. Norman was easily the best new character, but Herbert Love was solid. I wasn't so into DeBrie or Marky Bark. Isla Fisher, while hot, was annoying (Annyong!) as hell, too.

-The whole "Ron Howard Meta Stuff" was super, super weird.

-The Richter Quintuplets joke was way, way overplayed.

-Alan Tudyk and Mae Whitman returning was a welcome surprise.

-Carl Weathers and James Lipton were a waste of time, too.

-Loved Tobias's Fantastic Four Musical and Tommy Tune as Argyle Austero.

Overall, a really, really fun season, but a flawed one. I'm interested to see what comes next.

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Michael has always been a dick, but he was kept relatively normal by his proximity to the family. Away from it, is it a wonder that he deteriorated so badly? His relationship with George Michael has always had elements of his relationships with his own parents and his mother's with Buster.

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