So, Wii or Xbox360?


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I'm getting ready to buy one of these. Probably mid to end January. I think I'm leaning towards the 360, especially if there is a price drop after the holidays. If there isn't a price drop, then the Wii looks really good. I'm just wondering what the communities opinion is. Is the Wii too kiddy? Is the 360 too expensive for what it's worth? How are the online aspects?

I've always been more of a Playstation person, but that shit won't be happening anytime soon. What I mean is. Other than the DS, and Advanced before that, the only other Nintendo product I've owned has been the original NES (with R.O.B. no less and I still have it). But I've had both Playstation 1 & 2 and enjoyed them. This makes me feel as if the Xbox is more my style. The Wii seems like so much fun though.

There are just so many options. Anyways, which way would you guys go?

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I went with The Wii, although I'll probably get a 360 in the end. Speaking for the Wii, right now they have a rather dire selection of titles, but I think that's deliberate so that their virtual console looks more appealing. With stuff like Super Smash Bros. coming out though, it's got a bright future, so while it's a bit bleak now, there are a lot of good things coming out. The Mario game, Batallion Wars 2, Metroid, etc. etc.

It really is the only problem with the system thus far. It's very fun. I think either way you go though, you won't be disappointed.

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The 360 has the better long term future, definately.

It's the "happy medium" of this generation, and so it's bound to get a majority of the software, not to mention the appeal of PS3 ports for a lower priced console.

As much as I like the Wii, Nintendo is still Nintendo, meaning that you're looking at subpar third party support, a huge reliance on first party franchises, and an ultimately small library full of 1 great killer app for every 50 or so kids games/ports.

If you can only get one, go with the 360. Especially if you found yourself on Sony's side in the past.

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Live makes xbox. So if that is your style, go for it. I've never really felt the need for Live type things and prefer multiplayer with the players next to me or in-house party games. I really don't see one being ridiculously better than the other to make it anything beyond a taste issue at this point.

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Thank for all the info. One last question. How does the online aspect work with both? I know there is a monthly fee for Xbox, but what about the Wii?

Free, though the Virtual Downloads cost money, obviously.

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