Neil Gaiman to co-write Silent Hill 2

James D.

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According to Christophe Gans, Roger Avary and fantasy author Neil Gaiman will team up to write "Silent Hill 2" reports DVD Rama.

Avary will get to work on the project just after he completes work on his "Driver" script.

Gans, who helmed the first film along with French genre feature "Brotherhood of the Wolf", may or may not direct the sequel as he is busy prepping his adaptation of "Onimusha".

SWEET JUMPING JESUS, YES~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :w00t::w00t::w00t:

Mark posted this over at the Oratory. If the second movie is, indeed, going to be about James Sunderland, then I cannot wait to see what Gaiman does with all of the psychology/self-loathing involved in that plot. This could be one of the greatest things ever.

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I posted about this on the Oratory, and basically changed my view on it mid-reply. When I think of Gaiman, I think of slightly skewed fantasy and alternate takes on fairy tales, not horror. However, that's just because the majority of his work falls under that umbrella. Anyone who has their copy of Sandman: Preludes and Nocturnes handy, go reread issue #6, "24 Hours." I'd actually forgotten about this story until it jumped into my head during the aforementioned Oratory reply, and it was always one of my favorites of the entire series. Gaiman can do psychological horror, merged with a fair amount of physically disturbing imagery, almost as well as anyone. I'm eager to see his take on the Silent Hill universe.

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Seems it was just a rumor. Here's a message from Gaiman himself:

And the reason I'm trying to post is that when I did Internet Cafe my way online yesterday I discovered pretty much all of my FAQ messages were people asking whether I was really going to be writing the Silent Hill sequel with Roger Avary. I'm afraid that I don't think I am -- I mean, it's the first thing I've ever heard of it, and I'm sure that if they make a sequel Roger would want to write it himself. I am writing Black Hole with Roger (we're one draft in right now), and we already wrote next year's Beowulf. If I get home to find an invitation to write Silent Hill 2 with Roger is waiting for me I'll let you all know, but for right now I think it's a discredited internet rumour.
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