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So, Captain Marvel (original) is back! Plucked from the past long before he was diagnosed with cancer, and running 42 no less.

What? Huh? It seems very insane that the Original Captain Marvel was asked to run the very HEART of the pro registration act before they even got around to telling him ABOUT the registration act. He might be on Caps side, he might not care! Either Stark, Richards and Sentry did some major truth manipulation here (which would presumably render Marv incapable of doing the job they ask because he wouldn't understand) or Captain Marvel has flipped out.

On top of all that half the book was a Sentry story (yawn) about how Bob signed up in the first place. This couldn't have been done elsewhere? We couldn't have got an actual story about the return of a MAJOR character rather than a pathetic tease that explains what happens without ANY how or why. I feel just a bit ripped off.

Not that I'm not looking forward to a Captain Marvel series, I'm a big fan of the character and the associated history. Hopefully his return might provide some better closure on Genis' death, although it is a shame its an earlier version and not the ghost that Genis beat to pulp with a tombstone). Heck he has a daughter out there as well. I'm looking forward to the reaction that the other heroes have to the return of this legend.

Combine the return of Captain Marvel, the return of Thor, the return of Hulk and the battle between Cap and Tony, its a pretty crammed few months in the Marvel Universe. Why not let that stuff come out over time and profit off them all in turn. Instead they are wasting big storys close together and negating their impact on sales.

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