Darkseid VS. Thanos

James D.

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We had this duel in Marvel VS. DC, but it never showed who won because I don't think there was a clear cut winner.

Both are incredibly strong, have numerous powers at their disposal and want nothing but death.


--Thanos does NOT have the Infinity Gauntlet (because that would be stupidly unfair.)

--They are not on Darkseid's planet or any area of space under his direct control.

--Mistress Death is not around to influence (or distract) Thanos.

--They are on a barren, long-dead planet with nothing but desolate wasteland.

Who would win? The Lord of Apokolips or the Demi-God of Death?

EDIT: Shit, I meant to make this a poll. Yoda, could you fix this?

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