Wife in Labour?


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Naw...she was out walking around the neighbourhood with our neighbour making sure it wasn't false labour. She had her first contraction at around 7pm last night and our new son, Davin John Reddick, was born by 11:30pm!

Mom and baby are healthy and I just came home to have a shower and pick up big brother to go back to the hospital while mom and baby sleep.

I'll put a pic up soon enough.


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Hopefully Des won't mind me posting the link, but here are picks of the baby.

Don't mind at all. In fact scroll down to see pics of big brother if you like.

Thanks for all the well wishes guys.

No sleep last night and none expected tonight. I forgot how hard the first few days was. Maybe I blocked it out...

Reel Dread will be up and running by next week.

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