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This might be the Enterprise from the movie:

The descriptions I've read have basically been this sort of ship. For the most part the original ship, updated slightly to fit with the Next Generation style. There has been specific mention of two elements before, the metal texture and clear nacelles.

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Toy Fair Germany got a look at the new Star Trek toys.

In the special Star Trek room were about 50

action figures, a few phasers, playsets, Spock’s ring, Spock’s ears and the

new Enterprise. The action figures were not the final versions, but you

could hardly tell that they weren’t from the original tv-series but from the

new movie. Kirk wore his famous yellow uniform (and black trousers), Spock

his blue one (a little bit darker though) and Scotty the red one. The

Leonard Nimoy Spock had a white monk-like robe, that looked like a variation

on the one he wore in The Search for Spock. Highlight was Zoe Zaldana as the

new Uhura. She wore the same red communication uniform, but this time the

skirt was much shorter and there was much more emphasis on her breasts. In

this movie she will give Seven of Nine a run for her money!

The phasers and communicators were almost the same as in TOS. Even the

sounds were identical. And then… the new Enterprise. As a toy it had a great

TOS feel to it. It’s a little more ‘organic’ than the original one and I

think the two warp engines and the ‘bite’ taken from the central body are a

little bit bigger. The floor of the new transporter room is red, by the way.

Also shown was another spaceship.

It resembled an octopus and could have

appeared in one of the Matrix sequels.

I don’t think it was Romulan.

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  • 4 weeks later... reports that Paramount Pictures revealed four new posters for Star Trek at VegasCon '08. Just as the studio did with the first round of posters, the second round of posters again form the "Star Trek" delta emblem when put together. The second round includes images of John Cho (Sulu), Simon Pegg (Scotty), Karl Urban (McCoy) and Anton Yelchin (Chekov).

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Kevin Smith was on a radio station and mentioned seeing a rough cut of the movie:

Host: So thumbs up on The Watchmen, what else you got?

Smith: I saw a movie last night that I cannot talk about.

Host: Was it good?

Smith: It was phenomenal.

Host: Any stars, any break out stars, and do they trek?

Smith: The stars absolutely trek in this film. It is fantastic. Anybody who was worried doesn’t need to be worried–about this film I cannot talk about…It was in very capable hands. The director did a phenomenal job–the director and his crew. Top notch cast and the guy that plays the lead is an instant star. That dude is going to be so famous. He is so wonderful. He picked up a role that I would say is pretty challenging for someone to step into the shoes of, because it is a role that has been played before many times by the same guy.

It must be nice to be invited to see movies before they are finished all the time like he is.

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"Is this a reboot?"


"Great. Bring in the cardboard set."

"Well, it's an update."

"Wha huh?"

"We're bringing Star Trek into the 21st century."

"So the older set is going to be more advanced than the later set?"

"It follows a different timeline."

"So it's a reboot."


"Can I have an aspirin?"

"Here you go."

"Thanks. So, let me see if I have this. This is a prequel..."


"In the same continuity..."

"That's right."

"But a different timeline."


"How does that work, exactly?"

"Look at my keys."


"See how shiny my keys are?"

"They *are* quite shiny."

"Listen to them jingle."

"Heh. Heh heh. Your keys are singing.".

"Did that answer all your questions?"

"What questions?"

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