Episode 89


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Just listening through it now a little bit, and though I know I didn't specify, I didn't neccisarily want ALL of Find the Way as the outro, not that its a bad thing, it's a damn good song, I was thinking just a 30-40 second sample, the first full erse or so. Meh, C'est la vie

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All the better then, now if somebody actually watches SEED because of that review, I will be a very happy man.

Also I may post an IM log Randy & I had last week for the last 10 minutes before and for the duration of SEED Destiny's first episode airing, one of my quotes and I stand by it "The feeling I have right now makes meeting Samoa Joe last night [true story] seem like nothing."

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Okay two things to do:

Gundam SEED in a Nutshell (You need to register for the site.

AND my conversation with Randy leading into the first episode of Gundam SEED Destiny

[23:32] Randy: Yo.

[23:32] Randy: Ready for Destiny?

[23:32] Kellen: 3 MINUTES TO GO

[23:33] Kellen: TALK THEN

[23:33] Kellen: k

[23:33] Randy: k


[23:35] Kellen: 1 Commercial and an end credits to go

[23:35] Randy: heheh

[23:35] Randy: They're skipping the first opening apparently:(

[23:36] Randy: And the second has a fairly large spoiler (though it isn't confirmed until much later)

[23:37] Randy: So pay close attention to the opening

[23:39] Kellen: AHHHHHHH

[23:42] Kellen: NOOO

[23:43] Randy: And so begins the angst of Shinn...


[23:43] Randy: spoiler

[23:44] Kellen: NOOOOO SPOILERS

[23:44] Kellen: unless that was it

[23:44] Kellen: in that case, meh

[23:44] Randy: you see murrue crying? and maskless guy

[23:44] Kellen: STFU NOW

[23:44] Kellen: I WILL bitchslap you if you spoil

[23:45] Kellen: I am on a high of highs right now

[23:45] Randy: I'm not spoiling. Just pointing out clues

[23:45] Kellen: this makes meeting Samoa Joe last night seem like nothing

[23:45] Kellen: and I am a HUGE Samoa Joe fan

[23:45] Randy: *has no idea who that is*

[23:46] Kellen: this occasion deserves a cream egg

[23:46] Kellen: look him up on wiki

[23:46] Kellen: I prepared appropriate snacks for the occasion

[23:46] Kellen: AHHHHHH

[23:46] Kellen: ITS BACK

[23:46] Kellen: AHHHHHH

[23:47] Kellen: lets keep a running dialogue here

[23:47] Randy: I figured as much

[23:47] Randy: AHHH!

[23:47] Randy: (omg)

[23:47] Randy: sure

[23:47] Kellen: I'm too exited to concentrate on this

[23:48] Randy: Angry Eyes by the way

[23:48] Kellen: who has angry eyes

[23:49] Kellen: CAGALLI

[23:49] Kellen: ATHRUN

[23:49] Randy: And Athrun

[23:49] Randy: Oh god I missed her voice

[23:49] Kellen: Horse Tranqs couldn't put me to sleep now

[23:50] Randy: lmao

[23:52] Randy: That opening jingle is also the eyecatch

[23:52] Kellen: that girl would be Stellar right

[23:53] Kellen: lol

[23:53] Randy: and correct

[23:53] Randy: Shinn copped a feel

[23:53] Kellen: lol again

[23:53] Kellen: and I breathe

[23:53] Randy: Aww... he still has his sister's phone

[23:53] Randy: ...siscon...

[23:53] Kellen: hah

[23:54] Kellen: My love for Gundam SEED+Watching 6 final episodes of SEED earlier the last 3 JUST befre this started+2 Snickers+2 Cream Eggs+1Double Gulp=

[23:54] Kellen: me right now

[23:54] Randy: LMAO

[23:55] Kellen: I don't care

[23:55] Kellen: It's My Life

[23:55] Kellen: It's MY World

[23:55] Kellen: and I wouldn't have it any other way

[23:55] Kellen: well, maybe some more money

[23:55] Randy: awesome

[23:55] Kellen: shhh

[23:55] Randy: man you're on a high

[23:55] Kellen: AHHHHHH

[23:55] Randy: Oh shi-

[23:55] Kellen: damn motherfuckin right

[23:55] Randy: it's on!

[23:55] Kellen: AHHHHHH

[23:55] Randy: told ya

[23:55] Kellen: eyecatch ftw

[23:56] Randy: And here comes the phrase that will be repeated time and time and time again

[23:57] Randy: and time and time and time

[23:57] Kellen: ORB (the other) ftw

[23:57] Kellen: and you KNOW this, man

[23:57] Randy: yup

[23:57] Randy: I'm talking about the "need power to win" quote

[23:58] Randy: or whatever he said

[23:58] Kellen: oh

[23:58] Randy: here it is

[23:58] Kellen: Raid on Heliopolis was good, these 3 are better

[23:58] Randy: Strength is a necessity. There will always be conflict.

[23:59] Kellen: HERE

[23:59] Kellen: WE

[23:59] Kellen: GO

[00:01] Kellen: The more things change, the more they say the same

[00:01] Randy: Nicoooool

[00:02] Kellen: not that much the same

[00:02] Kellen: This looks like a job for Athrun & Cagalli

[00:02] Randy: Go Athrun! Pilot that Zaku!

[00:05] Kellen: WORD BITCH

[00:06] Kellen: Three words thus far

[00:06] Kellen: HOLY FUCKING FUCK

[00:07] Randy: I know

[00:07] Randy: The first 10 episodes are VERY strong

[00:07] Kellen: you weren't kidding when you said this started awesome

[00:08] Kellen: NOOOOO

[00:08] Kellen: NOT YET

[00:08] Kellen: I'M NOT READY

[00:08] Randy: Repeat #1

[00:08] Randy: Notice how Cagalli and Athrun called it a Gundam? Kira's naming caught on.

[00:09] Randy: This is the best OP I say

[00:09] Kellen: If it's good enough for Kira....

[00:09] Kellen: Love the throwback animation

[00:09] Kellen: wish they kept the Japanese credits intact like for SEED

[00:09] Kellen: PREVIEW

[00:09] Kellen: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[00:10] Randy: SWEET

[00:10] Randy: Take that states!

[00:10] Kellen: DAMN

[00:10] Randy: Now a FMA repeat...|-)

[00:10] Kellen: 6 days, 23 hours and 30 minutes till the next one

[00:11] Kellen: fuck

[00:11] Randy: You staying up for the Seed repeat?

[00:11] Kellen: I just finished watching SEED

[00:11] Randy: so... are you?

[00:11] Kellen: yes

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