Reel Dread - Moronic / Iconic Part Three: All Bent Out of The Shape


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For Jason Voorhees, it was a measured decline from scary to ridiculous. For Freddy Krueger, it was the quick shift from scary to hilarious. Michael Myers, from the Halloween film series, is perhaps the most interesting case of the bunch. Myers' history is spotted with plot confusion and continuity issues. But, it can be altered through selective viewing to make the Halloween series the greatest horror trilogy ever produced. I've been rather negative in the past two columns, so the following is my treatise on how to fix the Halloween franchise.

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Thanks for posting that pic. It would look cool if he wasn't 42 feet tall! Tyler Mane didn't even speak in X-Men! Why is he speaking in this movie? God, I hope Zombie comes to his senses.


Thanks again, sir! If you have any requests feel free to go to the Article Help section and post under the thread there. I need all the help I can get.

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